Reinforced by Nano-fiber, 2.85mm/750gr

Neo TPU Filament 2.85mm

D2206 - TPU FILAMENT with Graphene Nanofiber create a nanostructure or skeleton that increases the density of the material. 750 gr.


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Medphen NEO TPU

 Product Properties

Medical Grade NEO TPU is a low-temperature flexible thermoplastic, very soft, and impact-resisting material.  

His main properties are:  

  • Improves the quality and the processability of the base polymer.
  • High hydrophobic material that inhibits bacterial, virus, algae, or fungi growth.
  • Top final quality with high brightness, pleasant touch, and suitable resilence (Shore 65D). 
  • Nanofiber blocks shrinkage, deformation, and layer lift, thereby provide structure and density that facilitate processability to produce complex geometries. 

Covestro Deutschland AG is the manufacturer of the base polymer.



First choice for demanding healthcare applications that require high structural stability

Some examples of possible applications are the following:

  • 3D Printing Solution for custom orthosis: with a new, beautiful, ventilated design. 
  • Backing material to stable bone or other fractures, radiation oncology, prostheses, or foot inserts. 
  • Medical devices: connectors, catheters, flexible tubes, fluid, and air management.

The user responsible for the design must confirm the product requirements.

The use of a given application must be previously tested by the user to determine its suitability


 Recommendations for use

  • Processing temperature range: 196- 205º C. 

The processing temperature is directly related to the printing speed. The faster the processing speed is, the higher the temperature of the print fuser should be.

  • Recommended bed temperature: 50-70 ºC. 

If the adherence to the building platform is weak, other products should be used to improve the adherence between the piece and the machine.

  • Layer fan speed: 0%, not necessary.
  • Heated chamber temperature: not necessary.
  • It is advisable to use fully opened printers to ensure efficient cooling.
  • Drying conditions: 65º C for at least 4 hours.

Due to the hydrophilic conditions of the thermoplastic polyurethane is recommended the complete material drying before its utilization.  

  • Printing speed: 20-40mm/s.

This parameter will depend on the final expected quality regarding the stability of the printing machine itself (if the speed is too high can cause bottlenecks, so this parameter has plenty of importance).

  • Nozzle size: 0.4-0.6 mm, but smaller nozzles can be used if necessary.

 Place the filament in the sealed bag with the desiccant that comes incorporated after each use.

 Graphene Nanofibers

Carbon Nanofibers is a material belonging to the family of graphene-based materials (GBM). We offer a fully characterized product with well-defined properties and high-quality standards aimed to help researchers of different fields to obtain reproducibility and replicability on their results and boost the outstanding potential of this material. 

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